Session Guide

The night before your session, make sure to put those kiddos in bed early for a great night’s sleep. Plan your outfits ahead of time and make sure everything is clean and pressed, and all accessories are ready to go. Consider your child’s nap time when scheduling your session. Please make the photographer aware of any special needs your child may have during the shoot.

Again, please press clothes and clean noses. The photographer is not responsible for “ironing” clothes in Photoshop!

When choosing outfits, it is always best to coordinate but don’t match. Choose complimentary colors and styles. Pay special attention to shoes and accessories. No tennis shoes or flip flops, unless they are vintage sneakers or nice leather flip flops.

Sometimes it is easiest for moms to choose their clothing first and then build the family outfits from that. Clothes that are too tight or too large are not your friend in photos. Choose flattering clothes and add great accessories to make the outfit really pop.

White clothing is acceptable but can be a difficult color to photograph. Consider this when choosing outfits. If everyone is in dark colors and one person is in white, the white shirt will likely look overexposed compared to the darker clothing.

Please powder your nose and forehead just before shooting!! Under eye concealer can really help you look less tired in the photos. Hair spray helps with the frizzies.

Don’t forget to use lotion on any exposed skin for the best look. Lip balm is a good idea for dads and kids too.

None of the advice above is a must. These are just helpful hints to get the most out of your session.